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How to Choose a Pot that Compliments Your Plant

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Choosing a right kind of pot for the indoor and outdoor gardening for your home is an art as well as science. The popular practice was that the decorative pots were used indoor and normal planters were used in the outdoor. But the scenario has changed a lot in recent years and there is a huge mix and match now a days in choosing the pots. Along with the other requirements, it is also important to take drainage, size, and material into account when making your selection.

So let us have a look at the major requirements while choosing a perfect pot for your home:

1. Pots with proper drainage hole: This is the most important requirement for a pot to avoid overwatering and supply adequate air to your plant.

2. Size of the pot: Choose the right size pot for the indoor gardening depending upon the room size and the plant you are desirous to plant and grow in that pot.

Outdoor garden also the size of the pot should be decided depending upon the place available and the number of plants you want to keep along with the design and style of the garden.

3. Material of the pot: While outdoor pots come in a wide range of materials, indoor pots tend to be plastic or ceramic. The plastic pots are great for the absent-minded plant lovers who may forget a watering here or there, as they retain moisture longer than ceramic pots. They are typically more budget-friendly and easier to clean. On the contrary, ceramic pots are porous and can therefore help remove excess moisture out of the soil and assist with drainage. As such, they’re a better option for those who overwater the plants.

4. Type of plant: The kind of plant to grow is finally your decision. But you can take of few things while selecting the plants to be grown. It is always good to grow pet friendly plants which are non-poisonous to the cats and dogs. Ornamental plants can be chosen for both indoor and outdoor plants.

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