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How to Repot Plants

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Do you know when or how to properly repot a plant? Many of us wait until it is bursting out of its pot, pull it out, put it in a new pot, add some soil and hope it grows.

Here are a few signs that your plant needs a new home:

The plant simply looks like it is too big for its pot

The roots are growing out of the drainage holes

Water is sitting on the top and not absorbing

The soil is dried out or looks like it is disintegrating

It’s been years since you repotted it

Whether you are transitioning to a new pot because your flowers are flourishing in the springtime weather or you just want to freshen up your decor, we want to give your house plants the best shot at survival in their new home. Follow the seven simple steps and you will be admiring the handiwork of your green thumb in no time.

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